There is always a rumor going around, about literally everything. Credit score rumors have wreaked havoc on many people’s life’s, by believing what they hear. has over 10 years of experience improving credit scores for people across Florida.

We have made it our mission, to not only help improve credit scores, but to also provide our clients with tools and information to help them keep their credit score high, for years to come. With this information, it is also important for us to clear the air about a few common credit score myths floating around.

checking credit bubble.pngSome believe that checking your own credit, can effect your credit score. This is completely FALSE. It is actually very important for you to check your credit score, as often as you see fit, but at least once a year. Regularly checking your score is a good idea, because if you see a big drop and you didn’t apply for credit recently, that may be a red flag that somebody else applied for credit in your name.


Though it does not effect your credit score when you check it yourself, when a lender checks your score if you are applying for a loan, it generally has some effect. One credit inquiry may reduce your credit score by five points or less, according to

i can boost.pngWe hear this myth all the time. The truth is, prepaid credit cards and debit cards are not reported to the credit bureaus. This means that using these types of cards, does not affect your credit score in any way.


If you can not get approved for a credit card, but want to boost your credit, use a secured credit card instead. A secured credit card requires you to put up collateral to obtain the card, such as a car, boat, expensive jewelry, or an entire bank account. It’s very important that you use the card responsibly, because over time, your credit score will increase. Once your credit score increases from the use of a secured credit card, you will be able to apply for a traditional unsecured credit card.

credit myth 3.png

The bills that appear on your credit score vary, and depend on the creditor. If the creditor reports the paid and unpaid debts to the credit bureaus, then even public library fines that have been turned over to a debt collection agency can show up on your credit report.


This is why it’s important to hire a professional to review your credit report, and determine which debts can be challenged. You can learn more about what can do for you, here.